Serendipity in the News

We haven't been around for long, but we are very happy that people are noticing us and our wines. Thank you to the press and critics who help to spread the word of our work.

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Serendipity Tasting Room Confidential - Kane Sept 24, 2014 Serendipity Daily Courier - MacNaull Aug 27, 2014 Serendipity Calgary Herald - Oleksyn Jul 07, 2014 Serendipity Georgia Straight - Gothe May 13, 2014
Serendipity Notable Apr 11, 2014 Serendipity Wine Diva Jan 29, 2014 Serendipity John Schreiner 2014 Serendipity Globe and Mail - Crosariol Jan09, 201414
SewCreative-CAllen-Dec1513 TheRush-TDM-Dec2013 WineTrails-Eckersely-Dec1313
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